Coupons, Discounts, Promo Codes

You like our WordPress themes but the price is a little too much to handle? You have a good reason for searching for a promo code, nothing wrong with that.

Well, you found the official page for AcademiaThemes promos and special offers. Instead of having to click around on shady coupon code websites and not getting anything out of it, here’s a lit of all OFFICIAL, valid AcademiaThemes promo codes. Special conditions might apply for some of them.

Valid AcademiaThemes Coupon Codes

  • Coupon code: START15 – a fixed $15 discount on any purchase.

How to Apply a AcademiaThemes Promo Code

You can apply a promo code only during the checkout process. Discounts are not possible after a purchase transaction has been finalized.

On the Sign Up page, click on the “Enter coupon code” text and a special input field will appear. Enter your promo code there.

How to Apply a AcademiaThemes Promo Code