Our WordPress themes are now available exclusively on ILOVEWP.com

I am excited to announce that as of today, 18th of March 2022, all premium WordPress themes under the AcademiaThemes brand will be available for purchase exclusively on ILOVEWP.com.

These are the themes that have been transferred under the ILOVEWP brand:

Why is this happening?

Due to the many technical limitations of our current software on AcademiaThemes.com, it was decided to move all paid WordPress themes under the ILOVEWP brand.

AcademiaThemes was started all the way back in 2014. Some of our themes have yet to be updated to take advantage of everything that modern-day WordPress has to offer. This is only the first step.

What is changing?

In short: easier and better theme updates and new prices.

1. Automatic theme Updates are now available (with a license key)

It is now possible to automatically update our themes directly from the WordPress dashboard, as long as your subscription license key is valid.
This has been one of the biggest pain points for our customers. No more.

2. More frequent updates and upgrades

Because it is now a lot easier to deliver theme updates, our themes will be updated and improved a lot more frequently than before.

3. Prices, currency, VAT

Because most of our customers and ILOVEWP are based in Europe, the new prices for our themes are in Euro (€) instead of US Dollars ($).

The new prices are displayed exclusive of VAT, which varies depending on the customer’s address.

Due to the price and currency changes, there will be a special transition process for existing customers with an active subscription (details below).

4. Automatic billing was suspended for all existing subscriptions

All existing customers with an active subscription will no longer be billed by our old software, be it via PayPal or 2CheckOut.

Instructions to Existing Customers of AcademiaThemes

In order for us to create an account for you on ILOVEWP.com, please contact us here or by sending an email to info@academiathemes.com with the following information:

  1. Your email address (or username) that was used to purchase one of our products;
  2. Please copy/paste the following sentence in your email:
    I allow ILOVEWP.com to create a new account for me using the private information available in my AcademiaThemes profile.

As a sign of gratitude to our loyal customers, all active subscriptions that will be transferred will be extended free of charge by 6 months.

Instructions to AcademiaThemes Affiliates

All pending affiliate payments will be carried out according to schedule.

To continue earning money by promoting our themes, please sign up for an affiliate account on ILOVEWP.
Don’t forget to update your existing affiliate links with the new ones.

In Conclusion

This transition process will take some time, but the benefits far outweigh the downsides.

Just the possibility of automatic theme updates directly from the Dashboard makes this move a no-brainer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at info@academiathemes.com with any questions that you might have, I’m happy to help.

– Dumitru Brinzan