WordPress Calendar Widget: What/Who is it For?

One of the most confusing widgets for new WordPress users is the core Calendar widget.

It has been a core widget since WordPress version 2.8.0. This is what the widget looks like when you add it to a widgetized area (sidebar):

Why is this widget confusing?

To most people outside of the WordPress community a calendar is usually associated with a type of events calendar. In WordPress however it simply creates a way to navigate through your posts. It’s purpose is very limited and I would go as far as saying it is obsolete.

Even the official WordPress.com support page for this widget immediately includes a clarification for the role of this widget. This makes it quite obvious that the widget’s purpose is misleading to new users.

Here’s what the page says:

The Calendar Widget is a simple, easy-to-use widget that displays links to your posts by date.
It does not let you create a calendar of events or anything similar.

You know it’s a bad user experience when the second sentence on your page immediately clarifies what the widget is NOT for.

Should you use the Calendar widget?

I think that 99.999% of WordPress websites have absolutely no use for this widget. I hope it gets removed in future WordPress versions.

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