How to: Remove the AcademiaThemes Link in Website Copyright Footer

Just like most existing commercial WordPress themes, our Bradbury theme comes with a small “Theme by AcademiaThemes” link in the theme’s footer. It appears right next to the website’s copyright notice in the footer of the website.

This is what it looks like on a live website:

Even though a link like it is common practice, many website owners don’t feel like keeping it. We do appreciate when website owners decide to keep it and help us spread the word about our products, but we also want to make it easy to opt out of it.

This is why our latest theme (Bradbury) comes with a simple option to enable/disable this link, no code editing required. Just a simple switch: on/off.

Simply go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize and wait for the panels to load. After that open the Footer tab and find the “Link to AcademiaThemes” checkbox. Turn it on or off to achieve the desired result.

If you were to edit the footer.php file directly and remove this line of code, then you would have to keep doing it after each theme update. Doing it via the theme option in the Customizer will keep your desired settings even after a theme update.

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