[FIX] All-in-One Event Calendar: Something went wrong while fetching events (403 Forbidden)

A few days ago I have mentioned that Bradbury theme (and a new theme that is currently in development) is now fully compatible with popular event plugins like All-in-One Event Calendar and The Events Calendar.

While setting up the multiple demos for Bradbury Education Theme I stumbled across a very annoying error in All-in-One Event Calendar plugin that I wasn’t able to replicate on localhost.

Here’s what the error message looks like:

Something went wrong while fetching events.
The request status is: 403
The error thrown was:
Click here for technical details

The error is displayed when clicking the calendar’s month arrows.
It also changes the URL of the open page to something like: https://demo.academiathemes.com/bradbury-church/calendar/action~agenda/page_offset~1/request_format~json/

Plugin Incompatibility with Security Plugins

The plugin’s support forum has information about incompatibility with a couple of security plugins, but I didn’t have any activated, so that made troubleshooting difficult.

How to Fix

And then I remembered that I use the 6G Firewall (aka the 6G Blacklist) on most of my live websites, even non-WordPress websites.

Tried removing them from the .htaccess file and the issue immediately went away. As I still want to use the 6G Firewall, I then singled out the line that is causing this specific issue:

RedirectMatch 403 (?i)(~|`|< |>|:|;|,|%|\\|\s|\{|\}|\[|\]|\|)

Just removing this line immediately fixed the 403 error for me.

I posted this in the WordPress.org support forum for the plugin, but I also think it’s worth writing about here.

All-in-One Event Calendar plugin has over 100.000 active installations, so it is very likely that there are other 6G Firewall users facing this error.

I hope this helps!

3 Replies to “[FIX] All-in-One Event Calendar: Something went wrong while fetching events (403 Forbidden)”

  1. Mary Makowsky


    I don’t know you. But I love you. This was the answer to my issue. I posted in the All-in-One support forum about this and included your link.

    God Speed to you, Sir!

    • Chris

      I had the same issue – it was because I deleted the default calendar page and for some reason it was still looking for that page when i clicked on the months.

      After moving the default calendar page from the trash – but leaving it as a draft – the other page now works fine.

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